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Cathouse – Kitty Kurves


Over the years, we have found that cats love to occupy the great spaces in our larger architectural models.
They are arbiters of architectural space.
This figure/ground yin/yang play of spaces and places is a setting for the kitties to experience their inner architect.
The formal game is a decades long exploration of solid and void versions of the same shape and how this gives light and structure an opportunity to dance and entertain.

Dimensions: 42” x 42” x 36”
Materials: 3/16″ steel plate
All components are fixed

This welded steel structure is designed and fabricated by and at Lehrer Architects LA studio in Silverlake.

Cathouse 2
Cathouse 3
Cathouse 4
Cathouse 6
Cathouse 7
Cathouse 8
Cathouse 9