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Influenced by minimal and sculptural forms of Donald Judd, RIYAN is children’s table that is as equally suited for a living room as it is for a child’s room. Its scale transcends typical single-purpose children’s furniture and also serves as a coffee table / bookshelf / storage, while it neatly conceals two ideally scaled children’s chairs. The chairs pull-out and the piece transforms into a desk for two toddlers. Once the chairs are outgrown, a box-like storage container takes their place to complete the original sculptural composition. The classical proportion of a three-square composition and a common width for all pieces yield panels of equal size for maximum efficiency in production.

RIYAN is made of sustainably harvested, half-inch thick, pre-fi nished plywood available in a variety of colors. Once the plywood panel is cut, the only necessary finishing is the edge sealing – accomplished with natural linseed oil – thus eliminating off-gassing of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Material is naturally light-weight making it ideal for kid’s use. An eighth-inch roundover finishing at panel edges provides a contact surface that is durable and friendly to children. Designed for a time when children spend most of their time in the living room,

RIYAN’S sculptural qualities allow for its prominent placement in one’s home – no apologies required.

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