Camp Shalom Jerry's Place

Camp Shalom Jerry's Place

Despite budget constraints and potential environmental regulations, Lehrer Architects rescued the decrepit, 55 year-old structure, aiming to revitalize the sensitive environment. The transformation focused on opening up the building to nature, allowing air, views, and light to permeate the space within a modest budget. Situated in an oak-filled riparian valley floor, the project horizontally connects the building to the landscape and vertically to the sky, turning it into the campus center. This rejuvenation not only addresses the historical disconnection but also enhances access, views, and natural light, creating a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment.

"It is the greenest act of all: Take dank, old throwaway building set in a precious sensitive riparian, environment- apply a tiny budget, save it, let nature-air, view, space, and light-in and make it the campus center."
- Michael B. Lehrer
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Malibu, California
Camp Shalom Institute
3,550 SF remodel 2,600 SF new exposed deck
Completed 2006
2010   Gold Nugget Grand Award
2016   Arch Daily Top 100 Architecture Projects of the Past Decade
2010   AIA Los Angeles Award for Excellence in Design
Top 100 Architecture Projects of Past Decade, Arch Daily, 2016
Award of Merit for Excellence in Design, American Institute of Architects - Los Angeles, 2010
Gold Nugget Grand Award, Pacific Coast Builders Conference, 2010
Project Team

Structural Engineer:
John Labib and Associates

MEP Engineer:
Davidovich and Associates

Soils Engineer:
Geocon Consultants Inc.

Landscape Architect
Swimming Pool Engineer
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Project Management
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering