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Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Gower Court Mausoleum


Gower Mausoleum is an entitled design serving the stated goals and programming directives of Hollywood Forever Cemetery:
to add and integrate crypts into the existing park-lawn cemetery in a timeless manner that enhances and celebrates the cemetery’s iconic cultural presence in the Hollywood community to benefit the public. These goals are met through the creation of an open-air mausoleum that will serve as a landmark for visitors and neighbors.

Its three phases, including the first, current design, occupy the cemetery’s full Gower frontage, and as such its design intent has been unanimously and enthiastically approved by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission and the neighborhood council and its planning committee for:

the encouragement of open space and parks and the promotion of the preservation of views, natural character, and topography of mountainous parts of the community for the enjoyment of both local residents and persons throughout the region’.  It is approved to be 5-stories.


6000 Santa Monica Boulevard,Los Angeles, CA 90038

Hollywood Forever Mausoleum

Capacity of Mausoleum:
Phase I: 10,680 crypts
Phase II: 19,072 crypts

Lehrer Architects LA