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Parque Alma Cuscatleca Memorial Park


The Mission of ALMA CUSCATLECA is to exalt life served with high standards of ethics, efficiency be a sacred repository for the dead. The ALMA CUSCATLECA Memorial Park is a special destination in the geographic center of El Salvador, where Salvadoran families around the world can commemorate their loved ones, celebrate life, faith and family.

Alma Cuscatleca creates a place for eternity where the Salvadoran spirit is celebrated, celebrating a culture, an environment and a unique history.The vision for ALMA CUSCATLECA is to create an inclusive cultural and religious attraction of different faiths in the spectacular natural landscape of the region.In ALMA CUSCATLECA different forms of burial are honored, where every place is privileged in an environment of equality, serenity and peace.

The development of ALMA CUSCATLECA presents a unique collection of uses assembled in an innovative way. These different uses are incorporated with the Memorial Park through a great architectural gesture that unifies the different spaces and provides a unique and privileged relationship with the rest of the Park and the views. A unique architectural layout that provides opportunities for religious, contemplative, funerary, educational, cultural, shelter and recreation spaces.

The different uses within this singular line, based on scale, relationships and location, achieve hierarchies and unique expressions within a coherent and effective development.

The history, culture, colors and climate of El Salvador are important elements that are incorporated into it with the aim of creating a contemporary architectural design that is firmly rooted in its privileged site. An architectural language that incorporates the idiosyncrasies of the place, the culture and the Salvadoran people to create a new model of development, architectural and aesthetic program for an evolving culture and a growing economy.


Los Angeles, CA



Key Personnel

Studio MLA – Landscape Architects