Spring Street Park

In a landmark collaboration, Lehrer Architects collaborated with the Bureau of Engineering Architectural Division and the Department of Recreation and Parks to transform a 0.7-acre parking lot in downtown Los Angeles into Spring Street Park. The result is a dynamic and elegant park designed to adapt over time. Lehrer Architects' bespoke Spring Street Bench Chairs enhance the park's versatility, complementing the elliptical great lawn surrounded by vined green-screen columns and a bamboo hedge. Embracing sustainability, Spring Street Park minimizes lawns, requires low maintenance, and prioritizes environmental consciousness. With a focus on sustainability, it emerges as a transformative urban oasis, maximizing its role as a desirable public space while minimizing environmental impact.

“Not since the late-1940s have you seen the resurgence of downtown, the activity downtown that you see today,” Villaraigosa said. “More and more people are living here, working here, shopping here, and they want open space just like everyone else.”
- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa | LA Times
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Downtown LA - Los Angeles, California
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering Architectural Division
Site Area: ~30,500 SF
Completed 2013
2013   LA Business Council Award of Exceptional Contribution, Landscape Architecture
2013   2013 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Honoree
2013   2013 Cooper-Hewitt Museum People's Design Award Finalist
2013   Southern California Development Forum Honor Award
Award of Excellence for 'exceptional contribution' in Landscape Architecture Category, Los Angeles Business Council, 2013
Best of Year Honoree, Interior Design Magazine, 2013
Honor Award, Southern California Development Forum, 2013
People's Design Award Finalist, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 2013
Project Team

Structural Engineer:
John Labib and Associates

Lighting Designer:
John Brubaker

Water Engineer:
Pace Water

Electrical Engineer:
Donald Dickerson and Associates

Spring Street Chair Fabrikator:

Landscape Architect
Swimming Pool Engineer
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Project Management
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering