Atwater Village ADU

Aiming to address the needs of a dual work-at-home parents’ household, this Accessory Dwelling Unit was not intended to serve as a rental, but rather as a part-time office space/recording studio and a part-time guest house for the entrepreneur-resident’s visiting business partner, among other visitors.  The architectural design and coordination included gutting the garage, structurally strengthening the walls and re-pouring the insufficient foundation slab, as well as insulating, implementing an efficient new design, and of course, installing plumbing.  

The new double doors, skylight, and row windows create a light-filled space for the owners to oversee their front yard as they work, improving their quality of life.   The new bathroom’s wall-to-ceiling mirror reflects natural light from a Solatube, minimizing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. The acoustics allow the resident to record her podcasts at high quality for her successful business.

“We cannot properly express what this ADU has done for our home! It’s completely multi-functional. It’s hard to believe the square footage is even the same as the original garage. Somehow its beautiful, clean and efficient design makes our property seem twice as big.”
- Private client
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Atwater Village - Los Angeles, CA
364 SF
Completed 2023
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Project Team

Architect: Lehrer Architects

Landscape Architect
Swimming Pool Engineer
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Project Management
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering