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A Free Standard ADU Plan for the City of Los Angeles


Lehrer Architects, in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles, proudly presents the innovative “YOU ADU” – a cutting-edge, single-bedroom Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) now available for free download. Our design embodies a commitment to accessibility, affordability, and seamless permitting, all while promoting a sense of community and good placemaking.

The “YOU ADU” boasts a flexible layout that accommodates multiple orientations, and its most distinctive feature is its clever configuration, which optimizes open spaces and fosters a sense of privacy between the main house, garden, and ADU. Embracing sustainability, the all-electric, solar-ready setup incorporates a strategic cutout that enhances both interior and exterior spaces, fostering an engaging indoor/outdoor living experience and revitalizing previously neglected yard areas.

This project represents an expansion of our continuum of housing solutions, aimed at tackling Los Angeles’ housing crisis while integrating with existing houses and neighborhoods. As the first free, pre-approved Standard ADU Plan available to all Angelenos, the “YOU ADU” sets a new standard for accessible and community-oriented housing solutions.


The YOU ADU is a free, pre-approved Standard ADU Plan available to all Angelenos and can be found here:



The Architect Newspaper  
Los Angelenos can download plans for a standardized ADU designed by Lehrer Architects and Kadre Architects

Los Angeles is Giving Away plans for Pre-Approved ADU

Anywhere in Los Angeles, CA,

City of Los Angeles and its citizens

Lehrer Architects LA with Kadre Architects

Nous Engineers

455 square Feet

The cost of Construction is estimated between $100-130K

Owners Choice