UCLA Sunset Canyon Recreation Center Masterplan

University of California Los Angeles Sunset Canyon Recreation Center Masterplan

For over 50 years, the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center has thrived as a cherished UCLA community hub. Now guided by a Masterplan, the center is primed for future development, ensuring continual enhancement to meet evolving community needs. This strategic framework prioritizes equal access, harmonious coexistence, and diverse program enhancement for all age groups. Leveraging existing structures, the Masterplan honors the center's history while aligning with the Recreation Department's goal of inspiring active, healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning within the UCLA community.

A valuable asset to the UCLA Campus both from the program uses that it provides and also by retaining open space to the campus that has become more urbanized over time.
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Westwood - Los Angeles, California
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
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Project Team

Landscape Architecture:
Mia Lehrer & Associates; Mia Lehrer, FASLA, President; Michelle Sullivan, FLA, ASLA, Principal

Structural Analysis:
Nabih Youssef STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS; Nabih Youssef, President; Jacob Rodriguez, Vice President

Cost Estimating:
C.P. O’halloran Associates; Ciaran P. O’halloran

Historical Resources Evaluation:
Page & Turnbull; John Lesak, Principal

Landscape Architect
Swimming Pool Engineer
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Jones & Madhavan
Project Management
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering